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76 definitions by Spanky

a mixture of letters that forms a non-existant word
this can not even be considered slang. coco and county corpse are two dumb mother fuckers
by spanky July 09, 2003
A guy who can give himself oral sex
"Damn, I heard Ron Jeremy can suck his own dick!"
"What? How can the greatest male pornstar ever be a hedgehog?!?"
by Spanky January 08, 2005
A girl who earns a "playa hatin degree" when her boi decides it would be ok to cheat on his what he called wifey.
I graduated with a P.H.D. when I confronted my boi about a story I'd been told and he confessed that he'd been cheatin on me for two years.
by Spanky November 28, 2003
like a tazer, only it fazes.
by spanky October 07, 2003
boo*yah <boo ya> n.v.adj. (1) when there is no other word to express yourself (2) universal term describing something as da bomb, phat, dope, ill (3) meaning determined based on context and delivery of sentence.
by spanky October 09, 2003
Crazy, off the wall, totally nuts.
This comes from the show Nickelodeon Guts and the agro crag - a totally nuts muontain full of fury.
whoah man, that party was so ag.
by spanky March 24, 2005
it's a cold world, better pack your own heat
by spanky July 10, 2003