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1 definition by SpaceDuck

A private co-educational nursery through middle school in East Providence, Rhode Island known for schizophrenic levels of diversity. In an attempt to create a utopia of integration, the administration works hard to attract children from all backgrounds such as the inner city families, Middle Eastern Royalty and preppy scum. Graduates of The Gordon School go on to a variety of unique callings such as College, The film industry and prison cells.
Gordon grad who then went to The Moses Brown School: Hey! I remember you! We were at The Gordon School together!

Gordon grad who went to PCD: Yeah! Good times, huh? What are you up to these days?

Gordon grad who then went to Moses Brown: Oh, things are going a bit slow now, so I've gone back to practicing law up in Boston. The pay's not the best I can get, but you can't Chair three fortune 500 companies at once for more than a year without losing your sanity, am I right?

Gordon grad who then went to PCD: I guess...do you want fries with your order?

Gordon grad who then went to Moses Brown: No

<she collects her order and drives for a block>

Lesbian Prostitute: Hey sticky-bun! You lookin' for a good time? Oh hey! I remember you. We were at Gordon together!

Gordon grad who then went to Moses Brown: Oh my god! Wow! We did! What a day. Where did you end up going, I can never remember?

Lesbian Prostitute: Wheeler. But I left in my sophomore year and transferred to Lincoln.

Gordon grad who then went to Moses Brown: Did you like that decision?

Lesbian Prostitute: Hell yeah! It got me this job!
<a group of wheeler girls begin to walk over to the lesbian prostitute with notable interest painted on their faces>

Lesbian Prostitute: I love my job!

Gordon Grad who then went to East Providence High: (to lesbian Prostitute) Bitch! Where’s my money?!
by SpaceDuck March 01, 2011
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