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1 definition by South American Chilopoda

(noun) Ninja. GI, battler, champion, combatant, conscript, enlisted person, fighter, fighting person, hero, serviceperson, soldier, trooper, assassin, mercenary, protagonist. Green baret. Swift and cunning. Fast as lightning.
Person 1: "I think that was the wind."

Person 2: "No, that was Oseto."

Person 1: "I swear I just saw something."
Person 2: "You've been Osetoed."

Person 1: "Where did Oseto go?"
Person 2: "Oseto is a ninja. He goes to subway and finishes a subway seafood sub in 5.2 seconds."

Person 1: Beware of the Oseto scorpion. It penetrates through glass.
by South American Chilopoda February 04, 2010