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Pit Pirate:A scurvy of internet cooking and BBQ forums.

A Pit Pirate is an individual who focuses his entire life around his own ego. EVERYTHING is always about him. If you've cooked it, he's cooked 10 times as much and of course BETTER! If you've been there, he been there SEVERAL times! If one of your kids is cute.... well then he just doesn't care....because it's all about HIM!!!
A Pit Pirate will join and internet forum and overwhelm it with braggard, self-centered, egotistical posts until he is either banned or generally ostricised by the members. BEWARE the Pit Pirate!!!
The DANGER of a Pit Pirate is when he is finally walking the plank on his own sinking self-centered world, he WILL bug, virus, spam and destroy the website that offended his pretty little ego.

He Says stuff like, "I'm Cook'n while yer just Internet Look'n!" & "Look here BOY!" and steals several other catch phrases from highly popular people that he KNOWS is better then himself....and starts a thread and responds to HIMSELF in it costantly. Sometimes up to 10 posts consecutively to MIMSELF, usually ending up in 80%-90% of the post being from himself!

I'm the best! No one's better...LOOK AT ME I'm the PIT PIRATE!!!
I'm a home video star! Let's talk more about ME, and less about you!

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