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Shitfacer is a term derived from the actions of one notably unscrupulous, shitfaced, and lascivious, young man that attends college in Newport Rhode Island. The term has been used as an adjective, noun, verb and in a variety of contexts. The term has been extrapolated to include many other prefixes to the suffix "facer". i.e. Stonefacer, Whorefacer, STDfacer, Spicfacer, "____"facer.
"Hey Pat, can you believe what shitfacer did last weekend?"

"Watch out for that driver, total shitfacer..."

"Hahaha, look at this stonefacer special, totally enamored by the all you can eat buffet!"

"Dude, look at the kid falling all over that girl, total shitfacer"

"Dude, that whorefacer def looks like an STDfacer"
by SoupMan1010 October 13, 2011

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