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- st. | A species of harvest mite with a red exoskeletal structure, Trombicula Alfreddugesi.

- n. | The combination of the word "China", and "Nigger". Referring to any Asian Male, that dresses in a "Western-Rap" fashion.
*Walking in a forest with Asian Friends*

Dirty fuckin' <CHIGGERS>!

*Friends stare blankly*

What! There fucking biting me!

by Sori_Boi - The Definer March 27, 2009
- v. | Applying the use of ones penis to a high voltage electrical generator to experience pleasure. An act which often leads to death or sterility.
Man, I could really use a <SURGEFUCK>! I could <SURGEFUCK> all night long!

SEE: electrophilia

Credit to B.A.R
by Sori_Boi - The Definer March 27, 2009
- adj. | Any homosexual that does a large majority of the following...

Wears a Rainbow Wrist Band
Wears a Netted Shirt
Wears a Leather Collar w/ Leash
Has in Hand an "Ultimate Frisbee"
Cuts Himself
Wishes to Be an Animal
Damn, ain't that man an <EPIC FLAME>?

SEE: Raging Johnny
by Sori_Boi - The Definer March 27, 2009
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