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3 definitions by Sophie Almad

"My, Janet, your anal worms look lovely today!"
"Have you had your analworms cut?"
"I love running my hand through your analworms"
"Head and Shoulders keep my analworms flake free"
"Give me a shower cap to avoid getting my analworms wet"
"Cum on my face darling, but not my analworms"
by Sophie Almad July 29, 2008
Common misspelling of beer.
"Dude, you want a deer?"
"I swear officer, I havnt drunk a single deer"
The Pope - "Nope, I havnt drunk a deer in my life. Nor had decks."
by Sophie Almad July 29, 2008
"I have terrible foot moles on my face"
"If I pick my foot mole too much it will leave scars"
"HOLY SHIT DUDE, WHATS THAT ON YOUR FACE!" - "Its my foot mole. Lick it."
by Sophie Almad July 29, 2008