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A man of impossible intelligence and good looks. His charisma and wit will draw you in, and once he is in your life no other man will ever be good enough for you. He will be called names such as "emo" and "geek" by his peers who feel threatened by his obvious superiority. They will also spread rumours, often making jokes about his manhood (which is, incidentally, large and in charge), in an attempt to tarnish his good name but will ultimately fail. In short, to be a curdy is to be a god on Earth, scorned by mortal men.
Sam: Damn, John's been pulling girls all night. When will we get lucky?
Matt: We just don't match up to him, he is a curdy after all.

Gary: Hey John, how you did manage to ace your tests when you spent all night partying?
John: What can I say, I'm a curdy.
by Sooonniiic X January 19, 2009
When someone is talking bullshit or about something uninteresting to the listener.
Sam: Hey Matt, I just overclocked my CPU to 3GHz!
Matt: What you chatting beans for, kid?

Sam: Lostprophets are well emo nowadays.
John: Quit chatting beans you douche bag.
by Sooonniiic X January 20, 2009

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