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The mood or feeling one experiences after having just filled his or her vehicle with $4.00+ per gallon gasoline. (Usually consists of a sense of great economic despair, impending doom, anger, frustration, depression and/or a combination of all the above)
"Leave me alone. I'm having a bad fuel day!"
by Sonoma County Dave April 22, 2008

1. Brain generated consciousness construct subjectively perceived as a genuine state of actual being or existence that reflects, in part, the autonomous processing of exogenus neural stimuli through preexisting biogenetic/biochemical neurocognitive pathways.

2. Psychological and physiological perception of reality resulting from a direct neural connection between the brain and an artificial neural device.

3. Machine generated neural stimuli capable of inducing mental and physical perception of reality that is indistinguishable from genuine life experience.
While Virtual Reality closely simulates a real world environment by actively engaging one or more of the five senses, Neural Reality is that perception of the real world pieced together by the brain and incorporated into the conscious mind as a state of actual being or existence. The artificial nature, inherent in the former, makes Virtual Reality clearly distinguishable from what is perceived as the "real world." The same cannot be said for the latter - even if induced by artificial means.
by Sonoma County Dave July 07, 2008
Twelve donuts coated with a thin glossy sugar frosting.

"I'd like the one dozen glazed GPSvertising special and two coffees."
by Sonoma County Dave June 30, 2008

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