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A terrible dubbing company. That's just the short definition!

They take control of great Anime's, and censor every thing a Anime is meant for! Blood, Violence, Cursing, even some jokes, they sometimes shrink the sizes of breast, like Akiza from Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds! Since I said that, it censored so much! It even gave corny lines to the main characters!

Yugi/Atem- Heart of The Cards!
Joey/Jonouchi: Where's the heart in those cards Yuug?

Jaden/Judai- Get your game on!
Jesse/Johan- Wh... what?

Yusei- Let's rev it up!

4Kids is like a disease, it spreads, and spreads to anything it touches. It messed up Sonic X, One Piece, (Funimation did their own dub to it thank god!) Shaman King, Pokemon, all the Yu-Gi-Oh Series, Tokyo Mew Mew, Dragonball Series, and a few others. We should all be thankful it didn't get other good Anime's, like Bleach, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note any many more!
Guy1: Hey! Did you see this weeks episode of Sonic X?
Guy2:...What...? Oh yeah! I saw it subbed! It was awesome!!!
Guy1: What's subbed?

Guy2: Huh? You know, to the Anime Sonic X.
Guy1: What's a Anime?

Guy2: *sighs* Made from Japanese, everything is better! 4Kids censor everything...
*watches a episode of Sonic X is Japanese*

Guy2: So...?
by SonicJetWave March 10, 2010
A show about a 15 year old boy names Yusuke who dies trying to help another. Then a baby with a pacifier gives him with a second chance if he becomes a Spirit Detective. This is also called the ORIGiNAL Bleach! *cough* *cough* Bleach copied Yu Yu Hakusho even the Manga submitters said it. Wow, what a bad cold! But Yu Yu Hakusho is a better version of Bleach. A rival named Kuwabara can see spirits, and wanna help him. He meets two people in his journey, a epic Rose Carrying Teen, named Kurama, a short, but awesome swordsman, Hiei. The four fighters has to save the world!
This show made 112 episodes, 1 Movie, and finally, a good Abridged Series!
Guy1: Bleach pwns Naruto! Because Bleach is original, not Naruto!
Guy2: Umm, dude, Yu Yu Hakusho is the original Bleach.

Guy1: That's a lie! *watches episode 1 of Yu Yu Hakusho*...
Guy2: So...?
Guy1: This show copied Bleach!

Guy2: *sighs*
by SonicJetWave January 22, 2010
Someone who obsessives over the popular Anime: Bleach. The Bleach Equivalent Of NarutoTard. Bleach Rager's Are Jealous Naruto has more ratings. They wear Bleach Robes and a Wooden Sword to school.
Guy1: A Anime called...Naruto.

Guy2: NaruTard!!!
Guy1: Excuse me?
Guy2: You watch Naruto!
Guy1: Excuse me, but I just found out about-
Guy2: Hey everyone around the school, THIS GUY'S A NaruTard!

Guy1: O_O Bleach Rager.

This incident occurred at my school a few weeks back.
by SonicJetWave January 17, 2010
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