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10 definitions by Songg Righta

noun: semen
Cynthia reported that two chugs of baby spray emitted from Sebastian's soup-shooter, but she ducked the tag and it splashed a Pez Head bystander instead.
by Songg Righta March 14, 2004
noun: chief motivator behind a given group or activity
Dante A. was the Trigga Nigga of the Pre-Raphaelites...that's clear.
by Songg Righta March 14, 2004
noun: a male (usually a bachelor in late-middle age) unlikely ever to engage in unpaid-for sexual intercourse again.
Mr. Huffins the irritable finicky English teacher who cooks complicated meals for himself is a well-known Nomosexual.
by Songg Righta March 15, 2004