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10 definitions by Songg Righta

1. noun: rectum
2. noun (pejorative): dink
3. adjective: of little merit
1. Me gotz crusty pucker itch cuz no wipey good
2. yo crusty pucker hush up we tryin' to watch da paporno movie!
3. What ho, these ding dongs are crusty pucker!
by Songg Righta March 14, 2004
4 3
noun: semen
Cynthia reported that two chugs of baby spray emitted from Sebastian's soup-shooter, but she ducked the tag and it splashed a Pez Head bystander instead.
by Songg Righta March 14, 2004
3 3
noun: a male (usually a bachelor in late-middle age) unlikely ever to engage in unpaid-for sexual intercourse again.
Mr. Huffins the irritable finicky English teacher who cooks complicated meals for himself is a well-known Nomosexual.
by Songg Righta March 15, 2004
15 18