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One who dresses, acts, smells and lives like a hippie. Telling other people how they need to change their ways because of what they are doing to the planet, animals, other human beings or some other cause while being easily offended. In the meantime they do not live according to their beliefs or contribute to the same things they claim you are doing wrong.
Bob tells me i shouldn't eat meat or drink milk because they are bad for me and animals suffer because of my actions. In the mean time he wears a leather jacket and smokes cigarettes and pot. He is such a hippiecrit!
by Somewhere in Michigan August 13, 2007
Any white woman who adopts children of a different racial or ethnic background to make a social statement or to appear fashionable.
She just got those kids because she's an Angelina wannabe.
by Somewhere in Michigan October 28, 2007

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