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A sexy beast of a man. He is often seen with his foot up on a chair, showing off his amazing muscles. Petrellas are funny and nice. Many people dislike Petrellas because they are jealous.
Whoa, that dude's ripped! What a Petrella!

Man, Petrella's such a dick.
Pssh, no way, he's awesome. You're just jealous.
by Sometimes I do February 13, 2010
A great game to play when you're bored in class. Start by writing Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How down the side of a paper. Beside who, write a person's name. Fold over so you can't see "who" and pass on to a friend. The next person writes an action beside "what", folds over, passes on. Continue until all of the titles are filled out, then open and read.
Let's play who what when where why and how!

Who: sasquatch and the toilet monster

What: played a vicious game of twister

When: yesterday afternoon

Where: under your bed

Why: because they wanted to taste his sausage

How: with a pitchfork
by Sometimes I do February 13, 2010

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