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1 definition by Someone who can actually type

(n.) the language used by people who cannot type quickly and efficiently (or properly, for that matter) and therefore resort to making fools out of themselves.
iLuVsOcCuR: omg i wuz lyke tlkn 2 chris an he wuz lyk omg ur so hott
pRePgUrL: omgz u meen chris frm ur sci clas
iLuVsOcCuR: ya him hes so hott
pRePgUrL: omg ya tel me wat ahppnd tehn
iLuVsOcCuR: hes lyk do u wnat 2 go out w/ me
iLuVsOcCuR: i lyk dyd
iLuVsOcCuR: omgomgogmogm i kno rite
pRePgUrL: ogmogmogmoomg tahts amazng waht did u say
iLuVsOcCuR: ogmz i sed yes of cors!
pRePgUrL: lol lol lolzzz

Me: Wow. Just...wow...hence the term idiotspeak...
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