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A condition that can wreak havoc on the life of the person that has it, and the lives those around the person. People with bipolar feel depression worse than death. Feelings of extreme loss, guilt, and utter helplessness can only begin to describe the misery these people experience. It is due to this unexplainable misery that many people with bipolar, sadly, end up committing suicide.

The other side of bipolar (the suffix "bi" indicating two things) is mania. Mania includes feelings of superhuman powers and extreme joy... to the point of being hyper. The person's mind goes a million miles an hour and he or she can keep going for days with little or no sleep.

Having cyclothymia myself, I can only begin to understand how these people feel.

Because people with bipolar cannot control the way they feel, and might be close to suicide at times, it is of utmost importance that everyone around them be as supportive as possible rather than deject them as a "psycho." ...as if the person actually has any control over their actions with such out of control emotions.
I have friends with bipolar. I wish I could take on part of the pain they experience.

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