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Chatango is an online chat place for losers who want some attention. Most everyone on there is "emo" because they think their lifes are so bad.

The people who populate Chatango are; Emo's; Pedo's; Ugly People;Sluts or Drugo's. Everyone person on Chatango fits into at least one of those categories

People on Chatango also cyber alot because it's the closest thing they can possibly have to sex. There's also people with online girlfriends and boyfriends and pretend to have an online family so they can fulfill their pathetic lifes.

People with "Original" accounts such as characters from popular anime are all just losers. They pay money for their accounts and think they're god because they have a stupid account on a website that has no real meaning. Even try and talk to one and they say "Who are you?" "Do i know you?" and if you say no then they basically tell you to get lost. They also talk using proper grammar and shun n00bs.

There's also people who THINK they have original accounts but they're just stupid things like if someone made the account UrbanDictionary.
Original Sasuke on Chatango: Hey i bought this account for $200, i'm so awesome.

Ordinary person on Chatango: You're such a douche, go get a life already.

Chatango n00b: WAAAAT!!1! 200 DOLLAS!!!@!!1
by Someone telling you the truth September 03, 2010

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