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Alright,As the other definitions..I gotta say,Chatango isnt for social rejects or any of that.I have used chatango for a time and I met some pretty cool people there and they don`t act All that Emo and they are not social rejects either.I have friends in real life and there too!

But theres the not so bright side..Alot of attention whores(Mostly these so called `goth or scenes`)These so called `elite RPers` Saying that ***RP ONLY;DONT SAY HI OR HELLO OR U WILL BE BLOCKED***
And the worst of all:Original people.These people think they are god cuz they have an account called `Marisa` or `Naruto` or even `god`(Lulz).They are crazy people who waste alot of money for some account called -Insert anime character name from X anime-

Chatango isnt all a bad site,overall.I personally think its better than failbook..I mean,facebook but thats the past..where many normal people used to come just for chatting and now..Theres just RPers,Original nerds and stupid whores.As for me,I decided to take a really long break from chatango after seeing it has become now..
Ordinary person on chatango:Heya there!

Freakish,so called `Elite RPer`: OMG -Blocks the ordinary person-

Ordinary person after being blocked:Gosh.Whats wrong with that person? All I wanted is have a nice normal talk with her.....
by Someone=)) May 22, 2011

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