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Audrey Kitiching, a Trashy Scene Queen, Model & Hairdresser, & also really boring & pretty retarded.
She has no originality & looks like every other person on Myspace, But instead fucks boys in shit Emo and Scene bands, & dyes her hair until her scalp bleeds.

An Idol for 13 year old girls who are HxC & have already lost their Virginity, & know everything about her. They also all tend to have a Myspace account.

She is also known for getting flamed, & getting other kids who don't know about her flamed, on popular Livejournal community's.
13 year old girl #1: "Lolz! Did u here tht Audrey Kitching dyed her hair again!!!???11"
13 year old girl #2: "No Waii! I bet she lookz suuu kwl!!"

Person #1: "Uhmmm haii guiz, I'm wondering where I cud find a pic of dis girl? *shows picture of Audrey* Haz she gotz a myspace? I luv her hairz!"
Person #2: "LOLZ AUDREY!"
Person #3: "Lolz!11 Just look @ everi othr person on myspace!"
Peron #4: "LOLZ! LOLZ! U GOT PWNED."
by Some kid from April 15, 2007
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