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Although they start in about 8th Grade, Niggerfests are quite basicly, a large collection or group of niggers. When niggerfests are present, it is common to observe booty shaking, freak dancing, and niggers wearing crooked hats.

When the white devil enters a niggerfest and successfully makes it to the middle, a niggerfest will always (unless a liberal niggerfest) stop. When this happens, it is common to hear a nigger yell out "Hey What's wit' da' cracka' in da' joint?!"

Niggers in niggerfests prefer to call their ways of dancing getting "stupit" or "crunk". Niggerfests are probably the most wonderest of gatherings.

Niggerfest: Serious fucking business, Ya' Heard??
by Some guy from California October 11, 2006

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