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A boss in Metal Gear Solid. He uses his psychic powers to control Meryl's mind. he also likes to read your memory card and see what game saves you have on it.
"I'm digging deeper into your mind, into your soul....You like Castlevania don't you?"
by Solid Snake March 12, 2004
A nuclear-equipped walking battle tank also equipped with state-of-the-art conventional weaponry such as missiles, heavy machine guns, and lasers. It's main selling point was its ability to launch a variety of nuclear warheads toward anywhere on Earth from any location. It had the ability to more independently and instead of using a standard nuclear launch module, it was equipped with a weapon, which allowed it to launch a nuclear weapon with no external support. Since it could operate from regions, which were up to that point not on the world's nuclear strategy map, it was a weapon that destroyed the sensitive balance of nuclear deterrence and represented an enormous threat to the entire world.
You would really not want to be standing in front of Metal Gear Rex if it had a pilot who was unfriendly towards you....
by Solid Snake June 23, 2004
Amazing game but has the most confusing plot known to man. Not to mention the fact that you only play as the Badass hero with a mullet, Solid Snake for only an 8th of the game, the rest of the game you play ass the girly boy bitch Raiden for the restr of the game.
I couldn't sleep for days after I beat Metal Gear Solid 2 because I was trying to figure the plot out. To this day I still don't understand it.
by Solid Snake March 15, 2004
A long penis up the ass.
Deuce asked a man in the bar for an ass pump
by Solid Snake October 21, 2004
Electronic Gaming Monthly, A great video game magazine that is 10000x cooler than all the stupid ones like OPM and Gamepro. They offer good, honest reviews and have great April Fools Jokes.
In the April 2003 issue, EGM said that in Dead or Alive Extrem Beach Volleyball you could unlock a topless code. Those sad 45 year old virgin losers are still in their mom's basement trying to unlock it.
by Solid Snake April 01, 2004
The greatest system of all time, hands down. Even coming a year before XBox it is still superior because it has good games with actual gameplay instead of graphics. And if you want a game with good graphics check out Gran Turismo 4 so you can stop complaining like a little bitch. Those who have XBox try to recruit stupid morons into getting such a waist of money so they don't feel bad. For every good game XBox has Playstion has about 200 good ones. Those who are true gamers own a Playstation or a Nintendo. Those who own an XBox are wannabe gamers and will never be a real one.
Hey look that guy has an XBox, lets rape him in a dark alley with a lead pipe until he screams with blood dripping down his ass and mouth because he screamed so much. There's a guy with a Playstation 2. Now that's a guy with real taste. I'll give him a million dollars. Hell I'll give him everything I own because it is such a perfect system.
by Solid Snake March 03, 2005
cigarette, to have a smoke
I'm going out for a rig
by Solid Snake January 05, 2004

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