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3 definitions by Sofa Worshippers

1 An informal greeting, typically used online.

2 The name of a small code designed to cloak English for private messasing (pronounced oh - hi - tar)
3 Internet spelling for "Oh hello there."

Also written as ohai thar
Ohaithar nice to meet you

Ohaithar person

I speak Ohaithar.
by Sofa Worshippers March 14, 2010
1 A homosexual person, typically someone wearing an item of clothing with relation to vertical stripes

2 A stripe, one thats vertical
Look at that vertical stripe, when will he come out of the closet

I'm glad I'm not a vertical stripe

Are you a vertical stripe

He is acting like such a vertical stripe
by Sofa Worshippers March 14, 2010
1 Someone who is a heterosexual, typically a person who is wearing horizontal stripes

2 A stripe, horizontally drawn

Also see "vertical stripe"
That guy is clearly a horizontal stripe
by Sofa Worshippers March 14, 2010