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A Legitimate country bourne by Western guilt; a by product of the Holocaust. A nation, where people forget the lesson of barbarity from their own history, in a failing effort to protect their own borders.

A term used to describe a disproportionate action.

A country that longs for peace but never gets it cos it government insist on occupying its neighbours land and keeping foreign nationals in prison for no rhyme or reason. Guantanamo

A country who know it can get away with anything cos Big Daddy ('Ol Uncle Sam) is watching its booty.

A country where its peaceful citizens are being constantly let down by its government, army and ultra religious( who never has to fight in the wars!)
1) Is Isreal at it again with its Arab neighbours? How boring!

2) Is Israeli and Arab lives cheap? They seem to enjoy killing each other off on a frequent basis.

3) Is Isreal the 51st state of USA?

4) Israel has the right to exist and its people deserve peace.

5) Anti Isreal is not synonymous with anti semitic.
by Social Commentary July 30, 2006
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