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The most badass drummer ever.
Ringo Starr was a cool drummer, bitch.
by SoMePeRs0n/guy August 15, 2007
B-tards that bash everyone and think its funny. THey have pics of goatse everywhere.
Those Encyclopedia Dramatica b-tards bashed the fourm I use.
by SoMePeRs0n/guy March 19, 2007
The thing Spock uses to knock out redshirts
I wanna do a Vulcan nerve pinch on you.
by SoMePeRs0n/guy March 19, 2007
A wii game similar to wii-fuck, but with special wiigina controler add-ons.
I'm a virgin, but at least I have Wiiintercourse.
by SoMePeRs0n/guy October 15, 2007
1.n A character in Star Trek.
2. v For a character to die and not be revived, Like Natasha Yar
I wish Link would be Yarred
by SoMePeRs0n/guy March 31, 2007
An unreleased wii game where you rub the nunchuck near the wii-remote as if you are masturbating.
Some pornographer made wii-sturbation. Its not as good as the real thing.
by SoMePeRs0n/guy October 13, 2007
A game where you control the wii-remote like a penis and fuck a chick. there is also a gay version.
I am horny, so I play wii-fuck.
by SoMePeRs0n/guy October 13, 2007

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