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Jasmine is an incredibly sexy, smart and kind person. She comes off as the intelligent badass, but is secretly a freak behind closed doors. Her voice is like sex to the ears. She may be a tease, but after she's done having her fun, shell stop. She's a shorty and most people like that about her. She is known for the dont mess with me type, but once you get to know her she loves to play around. But, shes a good friend. She is trusted with a lot of secrets. She has long hair, and mixed. (spanish black, italian black, colombian black.) with a nice rack. Shes into music and dancing. If you catch her at the right moment you might hear her singing. She loves artists like trey songz,usher, and many other sexy r&b singers. She can be a clutz sometimes but she plays it off well. She makes the perfect girlfriend, shes loyal and most people fall for her quick.
Did you see her!? DAMN.

Jasmines my best friend. She told won't tell anyone

Damn, jasmine gona give a nigga blue balls if she dont stop teasing.

I think I'm in love with her

Damn she fine!
Who jasmine??
Ion know her name but I'd tap that!

She's a fiesty one ;)
by SneakerHead March 31, 2012
1. anyone that wears fila or associates themselves with gerard

2. One that takes a style, not because they like it, but because they want to impress other people

3. Spencer

4. Karina's Brother

5. People that perfectly match, try too hard to match, and copy other people's style, and be a hypocrite.
1. These all brown filas look nice. Can I have a ride home? hypebeast

2. Hey do these negro league dunks look cool?
-ok, ill buy them! along with this frilly pink shirt

3. Your getting shimizus.....I'm getting shimizus

4. I wear a polo because im fat

5. In brief, Spencer

by sneakerhead August 11, 2008

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