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Moderator of internet forums, usually sad, lonely and ginger. Likes to cause arguements and think they are really really good by being smart on the internet. Unaware that most people don't actually give a shit. See internet nerd and sad cunt.
Jeff: Bit of polish sir?

forum user: Er, no thanks.

Jeff: But you said before that you want a bit of polish, look here in this forum page I saved off you 29 years ago.

forum user: And?

Jeff: Ahahahaha, I own you.

forum user: Yes, indeed you do. Quite!

Jeff: I can twist your words and strike fear into any man on de net.

forum user: Jesus Christ. Get a life you sad cunt.

Jeff: Hahahahaha OWNED! I are internet moderator.

forum user: Righto, enough of this sad plonker. Moff to the bar.

Jeff: Hahahahahha think twice.

Hacked person: Yeah yeah, carry on you fruit cake.
by Snake breeder December 21, 2010

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