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The act of breaking a piece of furniture for the sole purpose of inserting it’s leg into the vagina during intercourse to continue sex after a premature ejaculation. Sugar raying is gaining popularity among adolescents.
(A couple having sex in a nice hotel)
(Woman) Oh yes… harder, harder!
(The man cums early, jumps out of bed, runs down the hall to the lobby and violently snaps the leg off a Grand piano and returns promptly to his partner)
(Woman) What the hell was that loud crash? What is that?
(Man) Shut the door baby, don’t say a word.
(Woman) Oh… Sugar Ray me!

(Doug) So, I was giving my girl a Sugar Ray the other night.
(Steve) What’s a Sugar Ray?
(Doug) Well, we were really going at it hard in her parent’s living room.
(Steve) Right?
(Doug) I lose it and cum in like 10 seconds, so I decide I’m going to pull a classy move to really excite her.
(Steve) Yeah?
(Doug) So I reached over and ripped the leg off the end table next to us, and start fucking her with it till she finished.
(Steve) Wow...sounds exotic.
by SmoothRay July 03, 2012
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