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A sexy magic trick in where you tell your partner that you are going to make your "dork" disappear. You pull it out and slam hers/his face down onto it, mouth wide open, and presto, it disappeared...it's magic!
Last night I gave my bitch the Joker's Magic Trick. She's still trying to figure out how I did it.
by Smokin' Joker September 12, 2008
A sexy stealth face blasting move in where you pull your "dork" out and blow your load in a smiley face motion on the girls/boys face and when they are just about to yell at you, you say "WHY SOOOO SERIOUS!?!?!?"
I gave my bitch the Joker last night...we laughed all night long...she's all smiles now!
by Smokin' Joker September 12, 2008

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