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A hybrid genre of funk and metal charactrezied by funk-like beats, metallic guitar riffs, prominent bass, and occasionally rap. Funk metal was created and rose to popularity on a timeline similar to that of grunge.
One of the earliest forms of alternative metal.

Examples: Rage Against the Machine, Faith No More, Living Colour, Primus, some Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc.
-This is good music. The bassline is complex and groovy but the guitarist is tapping and shredding like a madman.
-Yeah, that's funk metal.
by Smokey Q Rivers June 24, 2008
A fan of both the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox. A virtually indefensible position in the bitter rivalry of Chicago baseball.
Guy 1: Screw the White Sox!
Guy 2: Fuck you, CUBS stands for Completely Useless By September!
Guy 3: Aw come on, guys, they're both doing very well right now.
Guy 1: What are you, bisoxual?
Guy 2: Yeah, get the fuck out!
by Smokey Q Rivers July 10, 2008
An alternate guitar tuning in which the lowest string is tuned down one whole step. Common in most forms of heavy metal. Makes it easier to play a power chord; the guitarist can simply lay one finger across the lowest three strings. Looked down upon for its facility, but powerful in the hands of a skilled guitarist (examples: Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine).

Often misspelled 'drop D' due to the assimilation of the d at the end of 'dropped' and the D at the beginning of 'D'.
-I'm trying to play along with this Soundgarden song but my guitar doesn't go low enough. WTF?
-You need to tune to dropped D.
by Smokey Q Rivers June 26, 2008
Form of ecommerce that merges the aesthetics of social networking and online shopping. Consumers use the site to upload information about products and their own wish lists.
-What are you doing?
-I'm just on Pronto.
-What the hell is that?
-A social shopping website.
by Smokey Q Rivers June 25, 2008
Abbreviated suffix for 'Electronic'. Used to indicate an online version of something.
My uncle works in ecommerce. That is, he makes a living by sitting at home in front of the computer in his underwear.
by Smokey Q Rivers July 10, 2008

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