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Home of walgreens, super walmarts and 7-elevens that are open 24-hours a day and sell alcohol. The crime rate in Bradenton is rapidly moving up as are the number of deaths due to drug overdoses. This town is known for hard partying and hard drugs that easily accessible. Crazy, hot BAD GIRLS are abundant round herre and gangsta wannabe white boys are all over. You can find dirty cops hiding out all over the place waiting to pull you over, search you for no reason then take your drugs and use them for their own pleasure. Drug Dealers sittin high on their Chevy's are found on almost every street. Everyone knows everyone and if you live here you know not to fuck around in Oneco or Samoset. Unless you're a TRUE gangsta don't cross over to the East side of Bradenton, where many drug deals go bad and drive by shootings are happening more often. If you live in North West Bradenton you are most likely an upper class white family. The best thing about this town is it is only a few miles away from the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico on Anna Maria Island. Stoners run rampid and white owls and phillies sell out at convenience stores on a daily basis. Lil Wayne is most popular music around here. Some of the hot spots include, The Lost Kangaroo, Bada-Bings, Peek A Boo, The Distillery, and Applebees. Overall this town is pretty boring, which may explain the growing number of drugs, drug dealers and crackheads. If you are just moving to this town, I can guarantee you will get sucked into the drug world VERY quickly, as it is an extremely profitable way of life down here.
Bradenton:"Meet me at the habib store."
by Smizzle Dizzle July 24, 2008

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