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Penn Quest (n): Much more than a trip filled with gorp, nutella concoctions, bean juice, group wars, swamp ass, and tent dance parties. Penn Quest is a state of mind acquired through experiences of going through packs of mole skin, eating 5 apples a day to make backpacks lighter, and bonding with complete strangers despite their smelly armpits or strange demeanor. It is an experience that molds frightened, pathetic freshmen into boisterous, embarrassing creatures that howl at the full moon and encourage swimming in murky water and naked rain dances. It is a step into a Twilight Zone type of dimension, in which showing off goods and fucking the rest is a common occurrence, and where anything or anyone looks good after 10 glasses of jungle juice. A simple piece of colored yarn somehow doesn’t appear to be so simple anymore, and instead symbolizes the loss of dignity and gain of savage faculty.
PennQuest group 5: give me an F!!!!
by SmellyChelly(Motz)PoopyPants February 22, 2008

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