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A magical land that can only be entered by jumping into a Goozlegaggle Puddle. It is filled with fairies and other magical creatures!
"Fairytopiopolis is so colorful it made me want to cut my legs off."

"The only way I can get to Fairytopiopolis is by strangling a Gnome!"
by Smashbarrel Wheezlewall April 23, 2007
It's when a Gnome, Troll, Ogre, or Goblin has a hairball stuck in it's throat and Launches it onto the floor creating a magical puddle that teleports you to Fairytopiopolis.
Huggles Tinkerbottom: Agh, I feel one coming up fast.
Sparkles Firetwig: One, What
Huggles Tinkerbottom:*SPLAT* Throws up.
Sparkles Firetwig: Oh wow thats one hell of a Goozlegaggle!
by Smashbarrel Wheezlewall April 23, 2007
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