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the smallest, lightest, coolest car ever. cost about 20 bucks to fill one up from empty.
tall people are afraid b/c they fear their heads will pop out of the roof.
everyone else just say in awe how roomy the damm thing is.
Has been called "the pimp-mobile" because it is just forTwo, but you can squeeze about four prople in it.
"that smart car is the coolest car ever! only $20 to fill up on gas!"

Smart driver: "hey do you wanna ride?"
Tall person: "Ummm.... I'm afraid to ride in your car because I'm to tall"

Short person: "Wow! This car i soooooo roomy!"
Smart Driver: "yea, I know!"

"there he goes in his pimp-mobile"
by Smart Mahn! June 14, 2008

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