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1) A bottom feeder that feeds on feces off the bottom of dirty fish tanks. In its natural habitat, can be seen wearing wifebeater, acting black. This creature draws attention to itself by "rapping."

2) Inability to read, write, or rap. Basically an imbecile.

mom: study or you will become a Kevin Federline in the future.
by Smart Guy Period November 05, 2007
Species: A common bich.
Family: Bufferthanyouceae Homo notsapien.
Habitat: Big Bag High School
Diet: Greasy food prepared by un-gloved/unwashed hands. Is vulnerable to vegetables.
Characteristics: Nocturnal
Activities: pop-locking, lion dance
Mating habits: Entail going to the gym and pumping iron to build muscle and attract males, especially of the Japaneses/Chinese species Takeshi.
Common predator: One who irons clothes and white man
Common prey: symbiotic bacteria "pewby"
I just spotted a Thu at the gym preparing for the next mating season.
by Smart Guy Period November 05, 2007

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