10 definitions by Sly O.D.

A Fundie is a term used to describe the Five hundred dollar bills in monopoly. This is a play on Hundies, five hundies is a fundie.
I'm dropping a couple fundies on my monopoly.
by Sly O.D. November 28, 2006
Like an explosion, but usually more random, and occurs in strange situations.
Shit man, did you just see that rabbit asplode? It was all like, Kursplosion!
by Sly O.D. May 08, 2006
Someone who Daps and Dips, not named after a person, but more of a mindset of people that do that kind of thing.
Carl: Yeeee pretty much that fatbastard Corey Mastergay is a Tony
Jim-bob: Yeah, that guy always Daps and Dips
by Sly O.D. July 27, 2007
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