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A clean and convenient coffee-related beverage provider that allows one to go get a consistently good cup of coffee no matter what town/airport you might be stuck in at the moment. Also, a delightful refuge from the hordes of "hometown" coffee shops run by people with bad attitudes who think they're too good for their jobs and intend to take that fact out on you for bothering to want a beverage served by them in the first place...

See also: A place that the average "Anti-popular-culture-trend-is" Spaz, likes to deride in large groups in order to clearly distinguish themselves from "The Man", "Yuppies," "Rich People", etc. Even though, they'd sell out in a second if they had a chance.
Example: No matter where I travel, I'm always able to order my "decaf-iced-soy-latte" and know that they'll make it right, thanks to the good people at Starbucks.
by SlinksterFeline June 07, 2005

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