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Weed can either bring peace or dreaded chaos.....it gives you an effect that is a little bit more pleasent than getting drunk. Sometimes the craving of weed can destroy the need to love and be loved...weed becomes the love, and of course other stoners are your "lovers" but the relationship only goes as far as the weed goes besides from the weed stoner relationships are dull. Used sometimes immaturaly by naive teenagers...weed is good for you if used right used too much can make your life a fantasy world. Sometimes people say weed brings peace and weed is the andswer to all lives questions....this is just an insecurity effect, for some people, they turn to weed because they are insecure. Weed destroys true love between two intelligent people if one falls for weed more than they notice how lucky they are to have a beautiful person to love them. Weed can be a medicine or a demon that will eat away your sanity....weed also takes harsh effect on you for the smoke is extreamly strong it will make you look like shit if you smoke it for more than 5 years. If you want to remain beautiful strong sexy and intelligent weed is best not for you.
Weed destroys your pleasure glands...therefore the sex gets worse the more you smoke....
by Slim Tim June 09, 2006

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