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Ok. HOOOOOOOOOOOLD ON. I wouldn't say these guys are the greatest band on Earth. You obviously haven't listened to other bands, or maybe you're just a pansy that doesn't enjoy heavier music. But there's no doubt that these guys ARE good. Their first album, The Lonely Position Of Neutral, had about 3 songs that sounded the same. This album also had some great screaming parts. Their second album, True Parallels, is VERY different. You can tell the band has matured and gotten better as musicians. The lead singer, Kevin Palmer, has a soft voice, but can belt out the screams when needed. I would compare Trust Company to... maybe Story Of The Year.
Trust Company's second album is waaaaaay better than the first.
by Sleepless Cold July 02, 2005
A decent band from Brazil. Ill Nino combines a driving rock beat with a Spanish flare. They have about 2 or 3 good songs on their 2 albums. The others are boring or too repetitive. I would classify them as EMO ROCK because most of their songs are bitching about women and how they got their hearts broken.
Ill Nino is an okay band.
by Sleepless Cold July 02, 2005
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