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also known as "wicked shit", "acid rap"; the gimmick of this subgenre or style of hip hop music is about "horror", "satan" or "gore"

Now populated by idiots who think their music is actually "metal" and deny outright their music's hip hop roots. All I can say to these people: be proud of what you are and don't pretend to be what you are not; have you seen metalheads claim that they are also "hip hop" Does not make sense does it?

Popular artists of this style include Necro, an overrated clown who claims to do "death rap" or some other long winded, pretentious label as if motifs/themes about morbid lyrical subjects are a monopoly of death metal or heavy metal bands.

A lot of the lyrics in songs in modern horrorcore make a big deal about the artists being "metalheads" or enjoy "Cannibal Corpse" whereas Metal bands that use gangster/thug imagery in their lyrics do not think of themselves as rappers or praise groups like Bone Thugs in any way

Nobody gives a shit if you're listening to Norwegian black metal or Swedish death metal, the fact of the matter is you are fundamentally using as a whole a musical style that was born from African Americans' take on electronic music and not from Black Sabbath or Kreator so stop pretending to be metal, it's just fucking annoying. Mixing metal and hip hop does not make a unique genre, just uncreative and unimaginative fusion music
Metalhead: Is horrorcore a form of hip hop?

Horrorcore Rapper ashamed of his genre's obvious Hip Hop stylings: No, it is actually metal

Metalhead: How the fuck could Horrorcore be metal when most of the time the music are mostly beats and rapping?

Horrorcore Rapper: well it just is you know, were just a bunch of fuck ups exploiting rap music for our own ends. We actually want to play metal but we can't play guitar like Trey Azagtoth or sing like Eric Adams so we pretend to be metal but content ourselves with hip hop music but we don't call it that. We call it "ghetto metal" whatever the fuck that is.

Metalhead: You're pathetic sacks of shit. Why don't you take Fruity Loops programmed computer and shove it right up your fuckin' rectums.
by Slayer of Frauds and Fakes November 06, 2012

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