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A phrase similar to "That's what she said." Used to respond to something said that could be taken in a sexual way.
In the lunch line:

Matt: What did you order?

Jay: A meatball sub.

Matt: A 12 incher?

Jay: That's what she wants.
by Slapping Theresa October 25, 2009
An incorrect version of "interoffice envelope" that people say or email to the entire company when one is missing and contains the documents they need.
Random office worker: Can everyone please check to see if they recieved an inner office envelope that should have come to me.

Jay: OMG! Someone did it again.

Theresa: *sigh*
by Slapping Theresa October 25, 2009
A prescription drug used to help men get erections. eg. Cialis or Viagra.
Is this commercial with naked old people in bath tubs trying to sell boner medicine?
by Slapping Theresa October 25, 2009
a way of making sure that you create a recipe of chilli that crosses all types of beans, including chilli beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, and butter beans (at least 3 types of beans). Ensuring a spread of beans, aka beanage ratio within the recipe.
Jay: "Hey dude, this chilli is so good. I think there are at least 3 types of beans in this chilli!"

Matty: "Yeah, I always include a lot of different beans in my chilli. The key to a successful chilli is, you have to make sure, you spread your beanage."
by Slapping Theresa November 30, 2009
Taking an extra long time in the bathroom while pooping. Poopcation entertainment comes in the form of texting, reading, draw something, and other such phone activities.
M: I was reading online about poop and it came to my attention that it may not be healthy to hurry while pooping.
J: Yeah I have always been a fan of the poopcation.
by Slapping Theresa October 15, 2012
Posting to the internet, usually Facebook, with your ass while your phone is in your pocket. This results in one or multiple posts of random and often repeated characters.
Julia: It wasn't your fault I got fat.
Jay: Did you just ass post?
by Slapping Theresa October 14, 2012
The effect that flea medicine applied to the back of a cat’s head has to its hair. Similar to “bed head” but for cats.
Trouble is still rocking the flea med head, even though we put on the Frontline 2 days ago.
by Slapping Theresa January 13, 2010

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