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1 definition by Slap Dick 69!!

When a specific person believes they're the best at everything (sports, video games, their car, getting girls, etc.) and everybody loves them.
Primary Example: *Ford Kineth Kemp*

Max Naifeh: "Damn Ford, you are so good at everything you do. I mean you car is the best when mines a piece of shit, you get girls all the time when all I do is drink and get fat, and you are so much more athletic than me. YOUR'RE THE SHIT FORD!!!

Ford: "Max, please for the last time, I already know all of this.

Jack Love: Ford can I maybe suck your dick?

Ford Kemp: No Jack, thats what you do for Zac Turner. I get super models remember?

Unnamed Girl: Hey Ford, what's up??

Ford Kemp: It's now or never baby!!
by Slap Dick 69!! November 24, 2009