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Someone who says pointless things, and becomes annoying. Cubism also means spam, spamming, spammer, and general internet annoyance.
Normal Guy: lol i played there for a few days once and got sick of the insane people and just went a rampage killing everyone in the town. got banned...then went on another anphillia server just to be an ass and made a char names "flaming gay homo somethin cant remember and cut up on the dms the whole time

Cubism Follower: I didn't know you were a flaming gay homo.
by Slail Silverblade November 21, 2003
In RPGs to accumulate stats, atrubutes or skills is such a way that your character is almost useless.
"Dude your cleric is so gimped! You can't even cast healing yet!"
by Slail Silverblade November 21, 2003
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