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1. Vague insult used by exasperated pimple faced teenger.

2. Punctuation for anything at all, ever. Also retort for anything at all, ever. Doesn't have to make any sense, at all, ever.

3. Slut.
"I went to see Matrix Reloaded yesterday!"

"I went and saw your mom last night!"

"That Astrovan demolished the Echo."

"Your mom demolished my echo last night!"
by Skyline Rescue Dart May 23, 2003
1) I agree, but I also don't care.

2) I didn't read/hear what you just typed/said, but I'll agree anyway.
"Dude, check this out!" Paul exclaimed.

"Narg," Kieran solemnly replied.
by Skyline Rescue Dart June 19, 2003

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