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3 definitions by Skylighter

Mumbling the answer to a question in hopes that the questioner won't hear or understand an answer that may get you in trouble.
When mom asks about that broken plate, you better answer with some evasive mumbling.
by Skylighter January 20, 2010
A person that uses his vehicle's flashers innapropriately during inclimate weather.
I have been sitting behind this hazhole going 2 mph for the last hour, yet he still insists on flashing his hazards incase I forget he was there.
by Skylighter January 31, 2010
When a user of a forum responds to an obscure spam message thinking it is a legitimate message.
Post 1: Can someone give me the ingredients for apple pie?
Post 2 (spam): I don't know her, can you give me more details? -usually with a linked signature
Post 3: Know who? The person that made the apple pie?

The author of Post 3 got Spunked
by Skylighter November 09, 2009