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A Squaresoft game released on the PlayStation, and the sequel to Chrono Trigger. Often looked down on simply because it's not a clone of Chrono Trigger, which is a downright silly thing to expect. The plot requires that you actually pay attention to what's going on, which also adds to many people's dislike of the game. And finally, the game requires you to do more than just mash buttons in a pleasing combination, so many people are put off by the fact that they have to use their brains just to win battles. It's a good game, though, as long as you're willing to think about what you're doing.
Chrono Cross is underrated by many, mostly due to laziness.
by Sky Render February 03, 2004
A rather infamous power-up, Kuribo's Shoe is basically a character-sized wind-up shoe in Super Mario Brothers 3 (an NES game, recently ported to GBA). Found in world 5 area 3, it's frequently ridden by Goombas (or Kuribos, as they're known in the Japanese version; hence the shoe's rather odd name), and is a pain to get off of them without getting rid of the shoe in the process. Upon comandeering one of these shoes from an unlucky Goomba, the player suddenly finds themselves in a bouncing shoe that nothing can damage, and any enemy that touches it dies. The only things that pose any threat to the player are falling into pits and having time run out. In essence, Kuribo's Shoe is an all-but-endless invincibility power-up.
"Oh shit! I got the shoe! I'm so invincible! Oh! Eat it, you bitch! You don't understand! I got the damn SHOE! It's the shoe! And look at how cute I am with my stupid plumber head poking out of the wind up sock! I am the cutest invincible shoe rider ever! Mario! Mario! He's in the ULTRA green SHOOEEE!" - Seanbaby, on Kuribo's Shoe
by Sky Render June 22, 2004
A lunar phenomenon that takes place during autumn, roughly at harvest time. The moon is much closer to the earth at that point, and takes on a brownish-yellow hue, presumably due to the dust in the earth's stratosphere.

Harvest Moon is also the US name of a series of farming simulations made in Japan. However, this does not apply to the games in their native country, where the series is called Bokujou Monogatari (or The Farm Story).
The harvest moon shines brightest as the crops begin to ripen.
by Sky Render March 15, 2004
A state of mental existence often misdiagnosed as a disorder. Though this is probably to be expected, as people who do not benefit from Asperger's were the ones who decided to call it one. Asperger's is a form of high-functioning autism that has effects such as the ability to focus intently and a level of logical thinking that almost rivals computers. Asperger's people also have a lower tendency to care about social interactions and graces, which is likely why neurotypicals (normal folks, often abbreviated NT) consider them disabled.
Asperger's is no more a disorder than sleep is. If anything, the mind of an Asperger's individual is more organized than a normal person's.
by Sky Render April 03, 2005
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