81 definitions by Sky

Woman allows herself to be stripped naked, get tied up, blindfolded, tossed in the trunk of a car and taken from party to exhibited and used sexually. She may or may not be completely drunk or high--by her choice. So far only known as a practice in the midwest.
"Mary Jane is getting crazy, I bet she'll want to go on a trunk party this weekend!
by Sky April 08, 2005
to break up a musical group thruogh sex.
Courtney Love pulled a yoko on nirvana.
by sky May 07, 2003
Sexiest Dick on the net. Fucking respect is demanded!
SSDD ownes me. Or. SSDD is the sexiest man I have ever seen.
by Sky April 10, 2005
Actually, you all, it is a saliva-type discharge from the vagina.
Oi! You gleeked in my eye, Betty!
by Sky January 19, 2005

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