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A group of girls that look like hoe's but you know they are way too young. They are known as Hoe's In Training.
"Damn look at that group of HIT's over there, it's a bummer they are only 15..."
by Skizzle Matizzle January 09, 2006
The little dribble of ass juice that collects on your nacho.
"I made that bitch lick off my nacho butter last night when she was giving me head!"
by Skizzle Matizzle January 09, 2006
Stands for someone who has a Snaggle Tooth but that one single tooth has seperate teeth on it. This causes the tooth to resemble a bucket on a back hoe, therefore calling it a bucket tooth.
"I was scared for my life when that bitch almost crushed me with her Bucket Tooth!"
by Skizzle Matizzle January 09, 2006
1. Crazy mother fucker from the midwest...

2. The beat man...

3. He does whatever the fuck he wants...

4. Cozamoe Runs the Show...

5. Me...
" Skizzle you's a GODDAMN genious, just a GODDAMN genious. Peace." -Cozamoestra-

Skizzle Matizzle on the one's and tizzle's.
by Skizzle Matizzle January 20, 2006

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