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21st Century high school kids who wear XXXL t-shirts underneath XL t-shirts, when actually needing Medium/Small t-shirts. These shirts/Sweatshirts tend to be outrageous colors such as bright green/orange/purple/pink and look absolutely ridiculous. In what seems an attempt to correct for these Huge brightly colored shirts that hang to their knees with sleeves past their elbows, skittle thugs tend to wear pants that are two sizes too small with brightly colored vans. Skittle thugs run in packs, and tend to talk more than anything else. If ever you should run into a pack of Skittle Thugs, walk away. Not for fear of being beat up, but for fear that the extreme homo-erotica between them will cause you to vomit instantaniously.
Is that Ronald McDonald and his clown crew? No...Its just a pack of skittle thugs.
by SkittleThugKiller May 30, 2008

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