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2 definitions by Skip from NYC

When someone is dissed so bad to the point that to make them feel better is by humiliating them even more. This term is an NYC term to draw attention to the victim and in fact making the victim feel even worst than before. You must also yell the word cannon otherwise it won't be used in the correct sense.
Person A: Yo tasha never called me back son....gave her my number three weeks ago
Person B: Maybe she got better dick than you son
Person C: CANNON!!
by Skip from NYC January 06, 2009
A NYC term which is used during fights (real or video game) where one party is literal beating the shit out of the other party with ease. Also the victim does not lay a finger or does minimal damage to the abuser.
Playing Fight Night

Person A: Yo wtf man your whalin on me with Ali nigga
Person B: Stfu been getting you ass whupped for 7 straight rounds for using Roy Jones
by Skip from NYC January 11, 2009