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When a woman is being a stroppy troll
"you're an asshole you never do anything for me" - Oh sounds like someones got their cuntapants on
"If you don't stop acting like this I'm leaving you" - Shutup cuntapants
by Skilogram December 12, 2013
When a girls nipples are larger than her boobs
I couldn't even fit my mouth around her tippies
by Skilogram December 12, 2013
When you violently shake a working girl for discipline, but to avoid bruising. Such blemishes make said hoe less marketable. The act is terrifying and sends a firm message.
Sally was tired and wouldn't turn another date to get my money, so i had to pimp shake a hoe.
by skilogram July 15, 2013
A News Agent owned and operated by Asian's. Generally Chinese, Vietnamese or Korean but not Japanese. Historically the Japanese are terrified of news agencies.
Hey Dude, I'm going down to the news asiant, you want a magazine or some spring rolls?
by Skilogram December 16, 2013

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