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1 definition by Skill and Tactics

One of the greatest FPS of all time, despite it's bad rep for hackers, 10 year olds and anonomous imature shit talkers. Alot of people dont like it because they dont have the skill and brains to play it so they would rather play easy, braindead games like Halo2. Then on Xbox live they run into even more cheaters, 10 year olds and immature, anonomous shit talkers.
Idiotic Xbox casual gamer- OMG wtf is up with all the hackers and 10 year olds playing Counter-Strike. Im already too simple minded to play this game and now I have to deal with THIS.

Me- Get over it. Theres hella cheaters that play Halo2 on Xbox live and dont even get me started on how many little kids play that shit.
by Skill and Tactics September 12, 2005